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On Line Reference Material

Here's a list of items that are available on the Internet to help you with your tree care troubles.

OSU's Entomology Department Oklahoma State University has a nice site listing their resources.
Arborculture Stuff An excerpt of Dr. Shigo's Tree pruning technique. Dr. Shigo is considered the leading tree researcher in the world.
Arborculture, Trees & Timber A site that has some nice information about the arborculture industry and some interesting anecdotes.
ISA Home Page The International Society of Arborculture maintains a home page with lots of tree tips and lists all of our Certified Arborists.
Mature Tree Care This page has lots of vital information about planning a full life cycle of a tree. This site is provided by the ISA.
TCIA Home Page The TCIA is an industry association of commercial tree care providers.
Ohio Division of Forestry These pages give information about the division and information about trees and forestry practices.
Tree Encyclopedia The University of Delaware Botanic Garden. This page lists about 50 trees that are in the garden by their common and latin names. The individual pages have information about the trees and photos of each of the species listed.
University of Minnesota Forestry Department This gopher server at the University of Minnesota has lists of bibliographies about trees and urban forests. Also has a tree physiology search engine.
USDA Forest Service The United States Department of Agriculture - Forest Service National Headquarters has a home page out of the Washington DC office. Forest Service information, publications and guidelines are available.
WWW Virtual Forestry Library A comprehensive list of the world wide forestry related information available on the Internet. This list contains a lot of foreign links and is maintained out of Finland.

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